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EXPLORE the beauty of the south of sicily
We want you to dive into a new culture using all of your senses. See new places and know more about their history. Make your trip to Sicily memorable and don’t just travel – experience (more). Beyond the bliss of traveling and being in a new place, we believe that what makes a day become a memory, are the experiences we gained, the things that made us feel something or someway throughout that day.
In & around Giallonardo you can explore and chill out and we love to share our ideas and experiences with you.

spending a day at sea

boat trips with Captain Dino

Captain Dino is experienced in the sea coast of Giallonardo. He is making regular boat trips during summer season and we insure you will experience a day full of fun and great sightseeing with him!

Enjoy a day at sea with Dino, our Captain!

You will will spend around 3 – 4 hours cruising the coast of Realmonte with views to Scala Dei Turchi, Capa Rosello to Torre Salsa.



3 – 4 hours cruising 
  • Coast of Realmonte with views to Scala Dei Turchi,
  • Capa Rosello to Riserva Naturale di Torre Salsa.


a few steps away from
spiaggia di giallonardo

The Coast of the province of Agrigento is spiked with beautiful beaches and we are proud to say that our local beach of Giallonardo is one of the outstanding one.

It is placed just a short walk away from our Hotel.

The beaches here are still in a raw & natural state. This part of the island is the least developed one and fortunately in the most preserved state. Just a short drive away you can visit the Beach of Torre Salsa wich is part of a national natural park.

Bring a Picknick, which you can have arranged by us on request and enjoy a day out in the nature.

But this are only two of the countless beaches around Realmonte.


This white cliff is located along the stretch of the sea between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle (Agrigento) and its rock is made of a soft, limestone and blinding white marl. Nature, as a great artist, has worked this material over time, making it soft and sinuous, with the help of the sea and the salty breeze, creating terraces and smoothing every corner.

The sea, taking advantage of this sparkling white, will be showing off his blue.

The name Scale of the Turks seems to derive from the fact that in ancient times the ships of marauding Arabs and Turks found shelter in this bay.


Discovering the Valley of the Temples, one of the most extensive, representative and best preserved archaeological sites of classical Greek civilization, granted Unesco World Heritage status in 1997.

The archaeological area corresponds to the remains of the ancient Akragas, the original nucleus of modern Agrigento. Along a long rocky scarp, chosen as the southern limit of the town, are still sited the great Doric temples dedicated to the gods.

Plan your trip toward the sunset hours and combine it with a happy hour at the nearby beach town of San Leone, where you will find exciting & fun beach bars and great seafood restaurants.

Temples of Selinunte

The largest Archaeological area in Europe. Myth, legend, history, culture: the Park of Selinunte it’s even more than this. A coffer of treasures far away Millenia yet still alive, right here.

270 hectares that tell about one of the most flourishing classical civilizations of the Mediterranean area. A rich story that claim still to be discovered, sought after by tourists as well as researchers and academics from all over the world.

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